Camp Ousland 2017

We're repeating the success of last year and warmly welcome you to join us at Camp Ousland 2017, 31 august - 3 september

For the second year running, and in collaboration with Manshausen and Børge Ousland, Helsport invites you on an amazing autumn adventure. Surrounded by some of Norway's most spectacular scenery, this weekend camp at Manshausen will be full of a wide variety of activities and outdoor experiences that we know will create a long-lasting impression. 



On Manshausen you'll be surrounded by Norway's stunning scenery, and there'll be a range of exciting outdoor activities on offer. It'll be a weekend to remember!


Camp Ousland is the perfect spot for you to try your hand at different activities - it'll be a weekend brimming with incredible landscapes, activities, talks, courses, entertainment and fantastic food. 

Here's how you join in:



Festival pass: 3500NOK
What's included?
- ALL activities 
- Dinner on Friday and Saturday 
- Wonderful experiences and great people

Dinner on Friday and Saturday is included. You can purchase drinks, or bring your own. The bbq will be fired up at about 8pm on the Thursday night, so bring along your favourite bbq food! This will be a casual evening, where people can cook their own food and get to know each other.  

Taking part in activities: 
At Camp Ousland you'll be able to try a variety of activities designed to suit a range of skill levels, from new beginners to experienced. The focus at Camp Ousland is on participation and learning, and experienced instructors and guides will ensure you have a good time. You can sign up for activities when the tickets become available, Friday 31.3.2017. 

Activities for the weekend will include: 

  • Sailing on the trimaran Northern Passage
  • Climbing course
  • Course in outdoor photography with Mats Grimsæth
  • Guided kayak trip with Randi Skaug
  • Kite course with Kari Schibevaag
  • Kayak course
  • Eskimo roll course
  • Halibut fishing
  • Trip across Nordskot traverse with Markus Wegge 
  • Trip to Sørskottind
  • Free diving

Accommodation options: 

There are different accommodation options both in and near Manshausen, so you can choose something to suit. Some places are limited, so make sure you get in early for those. Prices include accommodation and food as noted below, and boats offer a frequent shuttle service between the mainland and Manshausen, if you decide not to stay on the island. 

(price for 3 days): 

Tent: 600NOK *
Storegga (boat): 2100NOK **
Nordmælværingen (boat): 2100NOK **
Nordskot Brygge (apartment): 2100NOK **
Expedition loft: 2100NOK **
Naustholmen (room): 3150NOK **

* includes breakfast, and access to shower/toilet facilities 
** includes breakfast, linen (towel, bedding) and cleaning 

Overnight camping on Manshausen

Bring your own tent, and choose to either join in a larger communal campsite on the island, or find your own private slice of paradise. There are lots of options! No matter where you pitch your tent, you'll get access to shower/toilet facilities.

Price: 200NOK per night

Total price for festival pass and campsite: 4100NOK 



This lovely, large whaling ship will dock at Manshausen for the weekend. There are 10 bunk beds with linen included (bedding, towel) and an onboard shower and toilet. A good alternative if you want to sleep indoors but remain on the island.  

Price: 700NOK per night

Total price for festival pass and accommodation: 5600NOK (Price includes breakfast, bedding, towel, cleaning) 


Another spacious boat docked at Manshausen. Room for 12 onboard, with 5 cabins and 2 bathrooms (shower and toilet). Another good alternative for sleeping indoors and remaining on the island.  

Price: 700NOK per night

Total price for festival pass and accommodation: 5000NOK (Price includes breakfast, bedding, towel, cleaning) 


Nordskot Brygge

A superb option if you want to add an extra level of comfort and privacy to your weekend. Room for 22 people, divided across four sea-house apartments, so it's perfect for a group of friends. All units have a well-equipped kitchen for self-catering. A great location on the pier with fantastic views of Lofoten, Grøtøy, the boat slipway and the majestic Skots peaks - and only 400m from Manshausen. Check out their website

Price: 700NOK per night

Total price for festival pass and accommodation: 5600NOK (Price includes breakfast, bedding, towel, cleaning) 


Expedition loft

The Expedition loft is on Manshausen, and has 6 lovely new sleeping alcoves (4 alcoves sleep 140, 2 alcoves sleep 90). There's a shower, toilet, and small kitchen on the loft's 2nd floor. Find out more at

Price: 700NOK per night

Total price for festival pass and accommodation: 5600NOK (Price includes breakfast, bedding, towel, cleaning) 

Naustholmen – Randi Skaug

Randi's island is right next to Manshausen, just a stone's throw across the water. Naustholmen sleeps 10, is right by the seaside, and a sense of history and atmosphere radiates from the historical walls of this old commercial building. Find out more at

Price: 1050NOK per night

Total price for festival pass and accommodation: 6650NOK (Price includes breakfast, bedding, towel, cleaning)  


About Manshausen

Manshausen is a world in its own. 55 acres, situated in the middle of the Grøtøya strait, only 500m from the small village Nordskot. With its well-protected harbour Manshausen was, in its time, an important and busy part of the old trading post Grøtøy. Fishing is still important, but kayaking, diving, cycling, climbing and summer and winter hiking have now taken over as the most popular activities.  Steigen represents a unique destination for such activities, with hundreds of small islands, white sandy beaches, spectacular mountains, and to the north the Loftoten islands act as a protective wall. Click further for everything you need to know about the island HER

Wondering how to get to Manshausen? Check out this link: .
A fast ferry departs Bodø about 5.15pm on Thursday and you can return on Sunday around 6pm. Remember to book your spot on the ferry. We'll collect you from Nordskot and transport you by small boat onwards to Manshausen. 

Signing up for Camp Ousland represents a binding commitment and passes/accommodation costs are non-refundable. If you are unwell or otherwise unable to join the weekend, we request that you contact your insurance company for a refund. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch:

Børge Ousland and Helsport warmly welcome you to Steigen!