Fjellheimen X-Trem Camp

Professional outdoorsmen like our fjellheimen camp tent so much, they asked for an x-trem series version to better cope with cold and harsh conditions.

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Packed volume:18x50cm  
Weight tent (+/-10%):3,30kg
Weight pegs:0,40kg
Pole length:1x310+2x260cm
Accessories:Rep Kit (+0,15kg)

Packed volume:19x50cm  
Weight tent (+/-10%):3,55kg
Weight pegs:0,40kg
Pole length:1x330+2x285cm
Accessories:Rep Kit (+0,15kg)

Packed volume:20x50cm  
Weight tent (+/-10%):4,2kg
Weight pegs:0,40kg
Pole length:1x364+2x330cm
Accessories:Rep Kit (+0,15kg)


A spacious winter tent for weight conscious adventurers.

Professional outdoor people liked our Fjellheimen Camp tent so much, they asked for an X-TREM series version to better cope with cold and harsh conditions. We took the same winning design, beefed up the materials, added storm flaps , extra guy lines and peg loops for stability. We ended up with the lightest and most versatile tent in our X-TREM series. AirFlow II® ventilation ducts are better suited to snowy conditions and increases air flow to prevent condensation.

"Test Winner - Vi Menn Magazine"

"Test Winner - Jakt&Fiske"

"Fjellheimen X-trem is an outstanding tunneltent that gives you the feeling of coming home. A safe and good home." Aleksander Gamme, adventurer and polar explorer. Used Fjellheimen X-Trem for the worlds longest solo ski-expedition; to the South Pole and back.

- Double entry
- Storm flaps
- Mesh gear loft
- Helsport AirFlow II® ventilation system
- Line managers keep your guy lines in order
- Patented pole cup ensures easy and solid pole attachment
- Color-coded pole lengths and unique pole channel system
- 360° inner tent opening design,with zipper and full width mesh vents
Fabric inner tent: Polyamide Superlight 30D
Fabric outer tent: Helsport Superlight®1000 , 3000 mm
Fabric floor: Polyamide SI, 5000 mm
Poles: DAC Featherlight NSL (48 cm sections)
High quality and service are important to us at Helsport. Our guarantee is divided in three parts:

Out of our concern for the environment Helsport encourages long-term use of all outdoor equipment. Our service department will repair damaged products not covered under warranty for a reasonable fee.

Spare parts
Helsport guarantees the availability of spare parts such as tent poles, guy lines and pegs for at least 10 years.

All Helsport products are fully warranted for 5 years against material or workmanship defects as per the Norwegian consumer buying law 2002. This warrantee excludes claims due to accident, improper care, misuse, alteration, or natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. Consumer rights and regulations vary from country to country.


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